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WWE Monday Night RAW May 2, 2011

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One night after a brutal and unforgettable Extreme Rules where three new champions were crowned, the 936th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the American Airlines Arena in the home of next year’s WrestleMania, Miami, FL. RAW would serve as the home of a very special party for a very special guest as RAW and SmackDown Superstars would convene to celebrate the birthday of the one, the only, The Rock as RAW would host the Biggest Birthday Party Ever for “The Great One” in The Rock’s hometown! One night after surviving a grueling Triple Threat Steel Cage Match, the new WWE Champion would appear on RAW as, for the first time in nearly a year, the proclamation of “The Champ Is Here” would be heard once more as new WWE Champion John Cena would make his first defense of the title as “The Champ” would defend the WWE Title against the former WWE Champion, The Miz!

Detailed Results

Nearly ten years after the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the perpetrator of the attack on America, al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, was shot and killed by Navy SEAL’s during a raid in Pakistan late Sunday night, RAW would kick off with legendary ring announcer Lilian Garcia as Garcia would sing “America The Beautiful” to commemorate the victory for America!

RAW would then officially get underway in a major way as the show would kick off with the birthday boy himself, Miami’s own “Brahma Bull” The Rock! The Rock proclaims that “finally”, he has come back “home” before proclaiming that “we got him”! Rock would then thank the members of the military before stating that he is “damn proud” to be an American before leading the Miami crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance!

The Rock then states that, when he was born in Miami, the doctors looked at him and stated that the doctors said that the baby was certainly named “Johnson”! Rock would then present a picture of himself from high school and states that he looked like the “lead singer of Menudo” before he went to college, where he would “electrify” the Orange Bowl and bring the National Championship to Miami! The Rock then proclaims that he is “ready to party all over South Beach”, but before The Rock can finish what he has to say, the anonymous General Manager of RAW interrupts with an email, but when Michael Cole starts to read the email, The Rock stops Cole and states that he cannot “hear” Cole from Cole’s position in the “Cole Mine” before daring Cole to get out of the box and read the email to his “face”! Cole declines and The Rock states that Cole won at WrestleMania and he won at Extreme Rules, so Cole must fashion himself to be a “tough guy”! Rock continues that Cole should act like a “tough guy” and come in the ring to read the email to his face or stay in his box and look like a “drunk hobbit bitch”! Cole states that he is not the “kid” that The Rock used to know because he is a “man” and he is a “winner” who “associates with winners”! Cole then presents an “example” as the commentator takes off his suit jacket and shirt to reveal a number 5 Boston Celtics jersey!

Michael Cole then finally agrees to enter the ring and read the email from the anonymous RAW General Manager to The Rock’s face as Cole states that the GM “demands an apology” because Rock “embarrassed” the GM at WrestleMania and, if The Rock does not apologize, then the GM will shut the whole birthday party down! Cole would then add that he wants an “apology” from The Rock as well for all of the years of “embarrassment” and “humiliation”! The Rock agrees that he did “disrespect” the GM at WrestleMania and he did “disrespect” Michael Cole over the years before Rock would extend his hand and say that he is “sorry”! Cole would then shake the hand of The Rock and “thanks” The Rock for apologizing, to which The Rock responds to by saying “thank you” to Cole and hitting the Rock Bottom on Michael Cole and following it up with the People’s Elbow! The Rock was not done there as The Rock would bring out “Mr. 305” himself in rapper Pitbull as the hip-hop artist brings out the Miami Heat cheerleaders before performing one of his hit songs and wishing The Rock a happy birthday!

One night after R-Truth interfered in the Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title and cost him the WWE Title as he was prepared to escape the cage and claim the gold, John Morrison would be looking for revenge as “The Prince of Parkour” was set to go one-on-one with R-Truth, but Morrison would not even make it to the ring for the match as R-Truth would blindside Morrison before assaulting Morrison and delivering a vicious What’s Up to the arena floor! Referees would then rush out to assist Morrison as the officials would help Morrison to his feet as Morrison would grasp his neck and tell the referees that he could not feel his right arm! As if he did not do enough damage already, R-Truth would re-emerge and attack Morrison again, this time delivering the What’s Up to Morrison on the steel stage! What is the status of John Morrison following this brutal and heinous assault by R-Truth?

One week after being drafted to RAW via the WWE Draft, the newly drafted Kelly Kelly would go one-on-one with former Divas Champion Maryse, but the match would barely get underway before the haunting music of Kharma would leave Kelly Kelly in a petrified state as the monster Diva known as Kharma would make her way to the ring! Kharma would first target Maryse as the wild monster would deliver the double underhook facebuster to Maryse before exiting the ring, leaving Kelly Kelly in shock in the ring!

Backstage, former WWE Champion The Miz confronts his “associate” Alex Riley as Miz asks why Riley was not at ringside for his match at Extreme Rules and Riley reminds Miz that he was drafted to SmackDown, but Miz states that his “personal services contract” with Riley overrides what brand Riley is on before ordering Riley to be in his corner!

Just one night after surviving a grueling Triple Threat Steel Cage Match to win the WWE Title for the eighth time in his career, “The Champ” John Cena would defend the WWE Title against the former champion, The Miz, with Alex Riley in his corner! During the match, and with ample help from Alex Riley, The Miz would set John Cena up for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Cena would find a way out of the move, but would inadvertently shove Miz back into the referee, knocking the official out of the ring! With the referee down, John Cena would manage to lock in the STF on The Miz, forcing Miz to tap out, but with the referee down, it did not count!

With the referee still down, Alex Riley would enter the ring and would try to get a shot in on John Cena with his briefcase, but Cena would counter and hoist Riley up for the Attitude Adjustment, but this would leave Cena open for a briefcase shot to the mid-section by The Miz! This would allow Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena and, as Riley would roll the referee back into the ring, Miz would cover Cena, but Cena would still manage to kick out! Miz would then look to do more damage to Cena, but Cena would pop up out of nowhere and deliver the Attitude Adjustment to Miz, but Miz would still manage to kick out! Then, with both champion and challenger down, Alex Riley would lay the WWE Title belt in the corner of the ring and, as Riley distracted the referee, Miz would grab the title belt and would waylay Cena with a shot to the head! Miz would then conceal the belt as he made the cover to get the pinfall and regain the WWE Title, but during his celebration with Alex Riley over regaining the title, the title belt would fly out of the grasp of Miz across the ring, right in front of the referee! Upon seeing the “smoking gun” in the WWE Title belt, the referee would make the decision to reverse his original decision in the match in favor of John Cena, meaning that Cena is still the WWE Champion! After the match, The Miz would blame his associate, Alex Riley, shoving Riley before Cena would deliver the Attitude Adjustment to both Miz and Riley!

It was revealed during RAW that, at Extreme Rules one night earlier at exactly 10:55PM local time, new WWE Champion John Cena announced to the live Tampa crowd that Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed before Cena proclaimed that he was “damn proud to be an American”!

One night after the surprising interference of Edge cost him the World Heavyweight Title in a Ladder Match against Christian, new RAW acquisition Alberto Del Rio would be a guest on commentary for a special tag team match that would feature four of the newly drafted RAW Superstars as, one night after defeating Cody Rhodes in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Extreme Rules, “The Ultimate Underdog” Rey Mysterio would team with the new United States Champion Kofi Kingston to face the team of “The All-American American” Jack Swagger and “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre! At the end of a chaotic tag match, it was Kofi Kingston hitting Trouble In Paradise on Drew McIntyre, which would allow Rey Mysterio to hit the 619 and Splash on McIntyre en route to picking up the win for his team, but when Alberto Del Rio tried to attack Rey immediately after the match, Mysterio would knock Del Rio off of the ring apron with a drop kick! Have the issues between Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio carried over to their new home on Monday Night RAW?

One night after he and Big Show successfully retained the WWE Tag Team Titles against Corre members Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson in a Lumberjack Match, one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane, would go one-on-one with the monster of The New Nexus, Mason Ryan, with New Nexus leader CM Punk in his corner! After an impressive and powerful showing by Mason Ryan, Kane would start to get the advantage over Ryan, but CM Punk would attempt to interfere, bringing an end to the match! After the match, Kane would look to chokeslam the monster of The New Nexus, but Mason Ryan would actually overpower “The Big Red Machine”, delivering his modified slam to Kane amongst Kane’s fight with New Nexus members David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty! As a New Nexus beat down commences on Kane, Kane’s tag team partner comes to the rescue as Big Show cleans house of The New Nexus, but even “The World’s Largest Athlete” is knocked off of his feet as the result of a shoulder block by Mason Ryan! Much to the surprise of CM Punk and the rest of The New Nexus, the hulking Mason Ryan would leave his teammates high and dry, showing no concern for his fellow New Nexus members or their leader!

After partying with Superstars and Divas all night long and, after hearing birthday wishes from many celebrity friends, including Paul Walker, Steve Carrell, and Samuel L. Jackson, The Rock would come out and would thank his family seated in the front row and the fans in the arena before giving his “word” as a “son of Miami” that next year’s WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami will be the “biggest WrestleMania ever”! The Rock is then greeted and surprised by the appearance of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, who wishes The Rock a happy birthday and thanks The Rock for taking it upon himself to take the WWE by storm and do things that no other Superstar has ever done! McMahon continues and thanks The Rock for “loving life” and his “devotion”, but most of all, he wants to thank him for being The Rock! The Chairman then states that the WWE has come together to give The Rock a special present, but before giving the present, a tearful Mr. McMahon thanks The Rock for “coming home”! The WWE then presents a video tribute to the legendary career of The Rock, set to the song, “Coming Home” by Diddy-Dirty Money! The surprises would continue as Grammy Award-winning singer, Mya, would lead the Miami crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to The Rock! The Rock would thank his family, the fans, and the WWE before proclaiming “if you smell what The Rock is cooking” as confetti and balloons rain down in celebration of the birthday of “The Great One” The Rock!

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